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Artist Statement 

I make Art to better understand my reality. It’s my tool to bridge it all together. A way to express visually what feels pertinent and innate.

My narratives do not aim to have a conventional interpretation, or one that is even meant for translation. I orchestrate through a cinematic lens. I see the theatrics in life and I try to capture it. Common threads throughout my work are those of intimacy, solidarity, seclusion, euphoria, and introspective thought into the psyche.  

I find that the hidden piece of one's persona is always intriguing. There is more to uncover when not all is revealed. Art making allows for pushing the boundaries of size and space to further emphasize thoughts of self-reflection and vulnerability within.   

When I take photographs, evoking the right mood is the most essential for me. Whether I am staging a scene or capturing a fleeting moment in time, lighting plays a very significant role. I work with both natural and artificial light to interpret what has anchored my attention. Subject, space and ornamental devices such as props and costumes all complete the mood.

The way in which I create is a direct reflection of my finding my way. I may not know exactly why I am particularly drawn to the particular at a particular time, but the process of knowing only collides when listening and acting meet.
The evolution of my Art continues to unfold as I trust my own voice and play out its narrative.


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