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In this series of photographs entitled, "House of Prints,"  or simply "Prints," I explore the meaning of old vs. new by bringing together my knowledge of Art and Fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I loved flipping through fashion magazines. For me, it was never about what the newest trends were. It was about the telling narratives that were created in the Photographs. My goal with "House of Prints," was to create an authentic narrative that was somewhat ambiguous in its meaning.


Since I did not have access to designers or their clothes, all the attire worn are from various thrift shops. Many are also from the closet of the woman who had once lived in the house and had left behind. The Home plays a very intrical part in this series, and lent itself in a very organic manner.


This body of work could not of been possible without the help of my partner at the time, David Iannone, also known as Ravin' Dave, who is a wonderful Creative in his own right. I am forever grateful for the time and patience in which he dedicated on my behalf. Without that partnership, my vision would not of been complete.


The Portraits I choose to capture are among friends, family and also self-portraits.


To evoke different feelings I explore various types of gazes and looks in my portraiture. Indirect gazes are lost, unaware and convey a dreamy feeling that is frozen in time. While a direct gaze is more aware, engaging and confrontational. Also, I am particular intrigued by capturing only the partial or a hidden portrait, which can act as a puzzle piece to the narrative. Location, posture and wardrobe are also very important contributing factors.





The Places and Spaces are from my home environment and from my travels. I focus mainly on outdoor and hybrid space (comprised of both interior and exterior settings).  I am attracted to spaces that are seemingly void and quiet. I look for the way nature presents itself as is and also man's involvement in a particular space. I will  take notice at the objects that have been arranged, left or discarded in their space and capture them in their found state. Objects like clothes, shoes, and even a lone chair have sentiment and lend to storytelling  that is voyeuristic and imaginative. I often am attracted to innate objects that can embody characteristics of a person. For example dolls and mannequins are lifeless but cater to the concept of objectivity and the psychological power that we can give them as the gazer.


To try and capture these moments of intrigue,  I shoot around sunrise, early morning and before sunset  I look for the way the light takes effect. Sometimes offering warmth and illumination, or sometimes being much cooler in its presence like when it is a cloudy day.  Sunny or Sullen the light is what sets the mood. Interior spaces are just as intriguing for me as well.  Artificial lighting in a studio setting has its own attractive characterists and mood setting capabilities. 


To me the subdued monochromatic nature of B&W yields closer attention be made to the elements that make up the photograph. In today's landscape, we consume. New technologies are in constant rotation. Although new is always needed, I feel appreciation is only understood when we look to the old. I create nostalgic and anachronistic images by looking to film and my own inner narratives for my inspiration.


A Micro Narrative of a Can Can Dancer. Based on a dream incorporating multiple layers of reality.


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